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My name is Mikko Puukko and I live in Helsinki, Finland. During my life I have had fifteen hamsters, ten bunnies, twenty koi, three turtles, four cats, two gold fish and who knows how many millions of fish!

The idea for Ulkoiluttaja.fi was born when I realized that Finland still lacked a professional pet care service. I spent a recent summer in London taking care of my sister's 9-month-old boxer, Doris, whilst she was away on an extended honeymoon. One day I wanted to visit the south coast of England, but I could not take Doris, nor leave her alone at home (being a puppy, it is recommended she spent no more than four hours alone).

So, the night before, I contacted the local dog walking service my sister used. At 7 o'clock the next morning, the walker was with us and took Doris for the day. I felt relieved and I knew that Doris was in good hands: it let me have a great day at the coast.

On returning to Helsinki, a friend of mine asked me to look after his dog, a very cute Spaniel, when he was unable to - as he could find no professional service to do this. I realized that Helsinki needed a pet care service: Ulkoiluttaja.fi was born.

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